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Thomas R. Cutler
By Thomas R. Cutler
Manufacturing Journalist Writes about Food Safety for GFSR

Ranked as the nation’s leading manufacturing journalist and a contributing editor for hundreds of publications annually, Thomas R. Cutler, has been writing extensively about manufacturing and industry for more than twenty years. According to Cutler, “The dynamic stories of manufacturers create a bounty of interesting and important business strategies…from re-shoring to ERP, from Six Sigma to material handling, from lean manufacturing to food quality the best-practices of manufacturers create a never-ending stream of feature articles and important, newsworthy content.”
Cutler is a regular contributor to The Global Food Safety Resource Centre News. Also known as the GFSR Centre it is a unique online resource, designed to meet the growing needs of food industry stakeholders throughout the supply chain, who share a commitment to food safety and quality management systems worldwide. Our mission is to aid businesses in developing safe food practices and quality management systems.
The GFSR Centre was established in response to consumer demand; manufacturers are being asked to improve safe food practices or adopt quality management programs and in many instances retailers are asking their food suppliers to be certified to a global standard. The Global Food Safety Resource Centre’s mandate is to provide a platform where all industry stakeholders can tap into a trusted online resource to find educational information, media and the Global Food Safety Network to find qualified Food Safety Specialists .
Challenges Facing the Food Industry
The food industry is challenged with identifying individuals or organizations online, who provide expertise in the area of food safety and quality management systems. GFSR provides convenient access to a trusted network of Food Safety Specialists whose credentials have been authenticated and validated.

About TR Cutler, Inc. and Thomas R. Cutler
TR Cutler, Inc. ( was founded by Thomas R. Cutler twelve years ago. Maintaining extraordinary relationships with clients, journalists, editors, trendsetters, and key business leaders worldwide, TR Cutler, Inc. has become a key resource for those writing about the manufacturing sector. Cutler founded the proprietary Manufacturing Media Consortium in the 1999, which now tops 4000+ participating members. Cutler is the author of several books and has become the “go to” resource among those who write about manufacturing and distribution.
Cutler is a member of the Society of Professional Journalists, Online News Association, American Society of Business Publication Editors, and Committee of Concerned Journalists, as well as author of more than five hundred feature articles annually regarding the manufacturing sector.
“In 2012 there will be more coverage about Overall Equipment Effectiveness, Statistical Process Control, Food Safety and Quality, Supply Chain, Engineer-to-Order processes, and, of course, manufacturing and distribution jobs. Productivity, Quality, Efficiency, and continued process improvement will be of paramount importance in editorial feature articles over the next year,” suggested Cutler.

TR Cutler, Inc.
Thomas R. Cutler

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