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Thomas R. Cutler
By Thomas R. Cutler
ISO Certification for Job Shops Perfected by E2 Manufacturin

From quotes to orders to shipments, from materials to scheduling to quality, as wells as contact management and accounting functionality, E2 allows for improved efficiencies, greater flexibility, and improved profits.

E2 is for machine shops, job shops, fabrication shops, mold/die shops, screw shops, repair shops, service shops, captive shops, spring manufacturers, stampers, machine builders, and plastic injection molding manufacturers, to name a few.

ISO Implementation and Audit Services are part of the E2 Rapid Documentation System along with the E2 Shop System Quality Module allow manufacturing organizations to become thoroughly prepared to pass an ISO9001:2008, ISO13485, or AS9100 Certification Audit.

The Rapid Documentation System provides all documentation required to implement a Quality Management System fully integrated with the E2 Shop System. Included are the following:

• Quality Manual
• Procedure for Control of Documents
• Procedure for Control of Records
• Procedure for Internal Audits
• Procedure for Control of Nonconforming Product
• Procedure for Control of Corrective Actions
• Procedure for Control of Preventative Actions
• Production Process Maps
• Internal Audit Program, Plan, Forms, and Report

The E2 Shop System Quality Module provides evidence needed for ISO Audits, including:

• Document Control
• Nonconformances
• Corrective Actions
• Employee Training
• Work Center Maintenance
• Tooling Maintenance

E2, by Shoptech Software ( is the leading Shop Control Software. With a foundation in the contract manufacturing business, Shoptech Software has built an unmatched reputation by providing easy-to-use software for machine shops, job shops, and make-to-order (MTO) manufacturers. Setting the industry standard, E2 is the technology solution for managing shops regardless of industry sector or size.

Machine shops come in all sizes, from a one-person shop, to those with more than two hundred on staff. Some machine shops handle only small quantity orders, while others get into long-running production jobs. Regardless of size, the common reality of all machine shops is constant change from product quantities to delivery dates and countless other variables. E2, is specifically designed to easily handle these constant changes.

Through a vast network of regional offices and training centers, and 24/7 technical service center, along with an total commitment to innovation and support, E2 is globally considered the authority of shop floor control.

Shoptech Software
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