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Thomas R. Cutler
By Thomas R. Cutler
Global Industrial Journalist Writes for India Publications

Leading global industrial journalist, Thomas R. Cutler, has identified India as a prime economy for massive growth in the manufacturing sectors in the next decade. According to a recent report from the Economic Times, India is looking to create as many as 100 million skilled jobs in the manufacturing sector. Commerce and Industry Minister Anand Sharma commented while addressing the World Economic Forum session on manufacturing, "India aims to raise manufacturing sector's share of GDP from 16 per cent to 25 per cent and create 100 million skilled jobs. This is a must do."
Currently, Cutler is a contributing editor and guest author for several leading manufacturing journals and magazines, such as Efficient Manufacturing, Automation & Controls Today, Industrial Automation, and A&D India. Cutler is a regular contributor to more than one thousand manufacturing, industrial, and distribution publications. Cutler authors articles about a variety of subjects from manufacturing automation to material handling to best-practices.
About TR Cutler, Inc. and Thomas R. Cutler
TR Cutler, Inc. ( was founded by Thomas R. Cutler fifteen years ago. Maintaining extraordinary relationships with clients, journalists, editors, trendsetters, and key business leaders worldwide, TR Cutler, Inc. has become a key resource for those writing about the manufacturing sector. Cutler founded Manufacturing Media Consortium in the 1999. Cutler is the author of several books and has become the “go to” resource among those who write about manufacturing and distribution.
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TR Cutler, Inc.
Thomas R. Cutler
CEO, Manufacturing Journalist
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